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uPVC Pipes & Fittings

VicPlas Holdings manufactures 400 designs of pipes and pipe fittings, satisfying almost every need of the modern building and construction industry. With a comprehensive range at competitive rates, we further augment our product offerings with our friendly and professional services.

VicPlas's objective is to provide customers with value-added services, in terms of reliable delivery and a comprehensive product range. In other words, VicPlas is committed to provide quality service to our customers both locally and overseas.


VicPlas Conduits are made from a special material that has the desired collapsible strength and yet able to be bent to the required angle during installation. Manufactured in accordance to Standard BS EN 61386-21 : 2004 specifications. VicPlas High Impact – Heavy Gauge electrical conduits and accessories provide excellent protection for electrical wiring system particularly when encased in concrete.