Electrical Conduits & Accessories


All fittings and accessories are available in Black or White colors only.

Vicplas Electrical Conduits & Accessories

VicPlas Conduits are made from special material that has the desired collapsible strength and yet able to be bent to the required angle during installation. Manufactured in accordance to Standard BS EN 61386-21 : 2004 specifications. VicPlas High Impact – Heavy Gauge electrical conduits and accessories provide excellent protection for electrical wiring system particularly when encase in concrete.

VicPlas conduits are able to withstand a compression strength of 750N to 1250N. Other advantages of VicPlas uPVC electrical conduit system: Non-conductive, noncorrosive and resistant to most acids and chemicals. Ease in installation by way of push fit joint and cold bending to form the required angles thus reducing labour cost, installation time, etc.

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