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21st January 2010 
Fake “P&S” Solvent Cement in Bangladesh

Thank you for your continuous support to VicPlas Holdings Pte Ltd. We take this opportunity to highlight that “P&S” solvent cement, is a product of VicPlas Holdings Pte Ltd and is originated from Singapore. 

It has come to our attention that in recent months there are imitation “P&S” solvent cement circulating in the market. These unscrupulous traders had imitated (copied) “P&S” solvent cement and they are packed in carton box as shown:


Please be advised that ALL original “P&S” solvent cement manufactured by VicPlas Holdings Pte Ltd was NEVER packed with the above carton box. VicPlas Holdings Pte Ltd advises all our valued customers to approach our SOLE AGENT, Al Baraka Trading in Bangladesh for purchasing our quality “P&S” solvent cement. 

You are also welcome to e-mail directly to if you need any further clarification. We wish to remind all of the risk of using imitation “P&S” solvent cement.
VicPlas Holdings Pte Ltd WILL NOT be liable for any damages arising from using the fake “P&S” solvent cement.