Soil, Waste & Vent Fittings

SS213 Equivalent to BS5255, BS4514, AS1415 & EN5255

SS213 Equivalent to BS5255, BS4514, AS1415 & EN5255

Soil, Waste & Vent Fittings

Innovative piping solutions bring about ideas and products to address unconventional situations. Since our incorporation in 1993, Vicplas has established itself as a leading manufacturer of soil waste and vent pipes across diverse industries.

Soil waste and vent pipes are commonly used to convey wastewater or soil gases from buildings, factories, or other structures to a municipal sewer system or a soil stack. At Vicplas, we offer various types of soil waste and vent pipes, including uPVC pipes in Singapore, from SS213 and SS272 to SS141 standards.



Benefits of uPVC

Available in various sizes, thicknesses and lengths, our soil waste and uPVC vent pipes are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials. They serve an extensive range of purposes, including waste discharge, sewage drainage and venting, amongst other applications.

Because of their high resistance to corrosion from acidic sewage sludge or other contaminants found in wastewater treatment plants, the SS213, SS272, and SS141 uPVC pipes take minimal effort to maintain, as they are not prone to cracks or leaks like other types of plastic pipes. In addition, our pipes have received Green Mark certification, which means they have met strict environmental regulations and criteria regarding their manufacturing process, which includes developing lead-free pipes and fittings, leading to the development of products with lesser environmental impact.

Unlike metallic pipes and pipe fittings, uPVC vent pipes are resistant to a broad spectrum of industrial waters and chemicals. Therefore, our pipes are the perfect solution to your soil waste management needs, promoting long-term systems life and manufacturing cost. At Vicplas, we strive to provide our consumers with the best value possible by maintaining competitive prices.


About Us

Our vision is to be a leader in the development of sustainable technologies, innovating and delivering value to our society, customers and shareholders by creating solutions that improve efficiency, safety, and effectiveness in work environments across industries.

As a customer-centric company, assessing and understanding our consumers’ specific requirements is especially important to us, as it helps us better develop solutions for them. Our offerings include:

  • Products and services: Technological solutions for your needs. We are continuously expanding our operating model to allow us to meet our consumers’ requirements and demands.
  • People: The right people for the job, at the right time. Our expert team of designers and engineers work tirelessly to improve our products, on top of creating new designs to cater to higher levels of expectations.
  • Processes: From idea generation to implementation into your unique situations.



Product Lineup

Vicplas has been serving the Singapore market since 1993 and is committed to offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Today, our piping systems can be commonly found in waste, and potable water systems for residential holds, schools, commercial hospitals, industrial buildings, and even infrastructure works in civil engineering projects.

Below are a few examples from our product lineup. Discover the ideal piping systems for your needs, and drop us an enquiry if you ever require further assistance.

  • 45°/90º Bends
  • 90° Sweep Tees
  • U’ Trap Body
  • Access Fittings
  • Shallow Floor Trap
  • Floor Trap Gratings
  • W/C Pan Collar



SGBC BCA Green Mark Certification

Vicplas has earned the third checkmark in the SGBC’s Green Mark certification. As such, our products have been recognised to have a lesser carbon footprint.

Products with this accreditation contribute to environmental friendliness by having a lower environmental impact and carbon emissions. The lifecycle of products can be increased by investing in the design process where materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or reusable are prioritised.

The production of the products ensures energy efficiency and reduced wastage. As part of its sustainability development, Vicplas seeks to drive energy efficiency and carbon reduction in minimising the consequences of climate change, as well as other sustainable features that deliver on addressing the key sustainability drivers.


SGBC-BCA Award in Sustainability

We are thrilled to have recently received the Business Leadership Award in Sustainability held by SGBC-BCA, which acknowledges our efforts in favour of sustainable and green business practices. This encourages us to persist in our efforts to embrace new avenues through practical solutions. As we evolve, sustainability is fundamental to our operations as we work to substantially improve society.

In addition, our products are certified under ISO 50001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001. We have been motivated to broaden our understanding of the importance of sustainability reporting as a result of the growing focus on environmental sustainability and the demand for transparency. As we advance and work to have a positive social impact, sustainability has become crucial in how we carry our business model.