Growing with Hydroponic Systems: Channels and Gutters

Growing with Hydroponic Systems: Channels and Gutters

Growing with Hydroponic Systems: Channels and Gutters

Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants utilising mineral solutions and artificial lighting instead of soil. This gardening technique offers many benefits, such as the ability to grow plants all year round, faster growth rates, and less maintenance compared to traditional soil methods.

Understanding the functions of channels in hydroponic farming will help you make an informed decision about which products will best meet your needs and cultivate high-quality crops. Continue reading to learn more about the channels and gutters used in hydroponic systems typically found in home gardens or commercial greenhouses.

What is a Hydroponic System?

While there are several hydroponic production methods, the most common include drip, nutrient film technique (NFT), ebb and flow, and aeroponics. All of them use a nutrient reservoir and circulation system to deliver a fertiliser solution directly to or near the roots of each plant. This nutrition solution can be carried out within a recirculating system, thus reducing waste and lowering nutrient expenditures.

What are the benefits of hydroponic farming?

Hydroponic farming has numerous advantages, including:

  • Requires up to 90% less water when compared to growing in soil
  • It can be utilised in areas where soil-based agriculture is not practicable, such as those with low soil quality or scarce water supply
  • Larger, better-quality harvests as a result of controlled nutrient ratios
  • High yields in a relatively small space
  • No need for herbicides as there are no weeds involved
  • No transmission of soil-borne diseases among crops

NFT System Growing Method

In NFT channel hydroponic systems, the roots are hung in the channel, and the bottom of the channel receives a shallow stream of nutrient solution. Inside the channel, a thick root mass forms that are kept moist by the nutrient film.

The primary benefit of NFT hydroponics is its capacity to produce extremely high yields with a small spatial footprint. The recirculating system also reduces water and nutrient waste. Therefore, commercial growers frequently choose NFT systems.

VPONIC™ Hydroponic Channels and Gutters

VPONIC™ Hydroponic Channels are well-liked due to their effectiveness, distinctive design, simplicity, and versatility. Our Channels come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various hydroponic growth techniques. There is a channel for every need, whether for growing flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, microgreens, strawberries, lettuce, or other leafy greens. No matter what it is for, we offer commercial hydroponic farmers in Singapore.

  • Manufactured using PVC material with SS141 potable water/drinking water
  • Designed for safe use and devoid of heavy metals and UV rays
  • A contoured foundation optimises nutrient flow, allowing excess water to run off
  • The simple construction allows for optimal root aeration
  • Gutter lids remain secure in all conditions while being easily removed for quick, effective cleaning
  • Available in different sizes and lengths

VPONIC™ Hydroponic Channels and Gutters


Hydroponic gardening enables the production of plants indoors year-round and without soil. Instead, plants are grown in a water solution with just the right mix of nutrients for vigorous growth. The nutrient solution is pumped from a reservoir tank or a delivery system (for example, a water supply) into grow beds or grow troughs where plants are planted.

When it comes to purchasing hydroponic channels for your hydroponic system in Singapore, Vicplas is your one-stop destination for custom-made channels, gutters, trays, and uPVC drain pipes. Our experts and specialists at the VPONIC™ Research & Development Centre are constantly improving our products to stay ahead of the competition to meet market demands. We offer much of the needed plumbing, fittings, and other hydroponic plastic components. Our VPONIC™ channels and gutters are completely customisable and include the elements required to set up a functional hydroponic system.

Vicplas @ Agri-Food Tech Expo

In addition to upholding to sustainability standards, Vicplas firmly believes in the future of green agriculture and continuously work towards in being a contributor. As such, we will be participating in the upcoming Agri-Food Tech Expo 2022 from 26-28 Oct 2022. The expo seeks to bring together the top businesses and industry players from across the world to exchange best practices, showcase latest technology, explore commercial opportunities, and collaborate on raising the security and sustainability of Asia’s agri-food system. Drop by to visit at our booth at D36 to find out more information!