Electrical Conduits and Accessories

Electrical Conduits

uPVC components are utilised in many buildings, construction, and electrical-related projects. At Vicplas, we carry a comprehensive range of high-quality uPVC electrical conduits and PVC conduit accessories for both commercial and residential applications.

Our products are made according to international standards alongside our team’s extensive experience in manufacturing electrical conduits in Singapore. Today, we are acknowledged as one of the most innovative and reputable manufacturers in the plastics building industry.



Our Vision

We want to create a client-focused business that excels at providing excellent customer service and offering top-notch products that meet your demands. We value your success and pleasure and are committed to providing domestic and international consumers with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

We are also dedicated to increasing the value of our shareholders. Thus, we engage in the trading of products and components that complement our range of existing products.



Green Initiatives

We believe in raising awareness of our environmental issues. As a result, we have expanded our extensive line of uPVC electrical conduits to meet current demands for both industrial and commercial applications. We are committed to working towards a sustainable future by adopting eco-friendly practices and promoting a green consciousness.

Our electrical conduit accessories are constructed from lead-free materials, helping us lower our carbon footprint and improve our community. Additionally, uPVC offers fire resistance properties due to its chemical composition, which makes it an ideal choice for your electrical installations and needs. When the time comes for installation or repair, you can rest assured that our products will last for years without deterioration or corrosion.



Product Lineup

Since 1993, Vicplas has been providing consumers in Singapore with dependable, economical and high-quality products. Our electrical piping systems are utilised in various building types and sectors, such as residential homes, schools, commercial establishments, institutional buildings, and infrastructure projects in civil engineering.

Below are some examples from our product lineup:

  • High Impact – Heavy Gauge Conduits
  • Circular Conduit Boxes
  • Sockets and Female Adaptors
  • Bar Saddles with Screw
  • Spring Benders
  • PVC Knockout Boxes & Extension Rings
  • PVC Surface Mounting Boxes
  • Circular Lids



Research and Development

Our electrical conduits are made to BS EN 61386-21:2004 specification and are composed of materials with the required collapsible strength and flexibility to be bent to the desired angle during installation.

Furthermore, our PVC conduit accessories provide exceptional protection for electrical wiring systems, particularly when encased in concrete. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality products by upholding strict quality control standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Our products undergo rigorous inspection and testing according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, ‘including tensile testing, ageing testing, and impact testing, to guarantee the highest quality and condition possible when delivering them to our consumers.



SGBC-BCA Award in Sustainability

Vicplas recently earned the SGBC-BCA Business Leadership Award in Sustainability. We are delighted and honoured to have received the Business Leadership in Sustainability – Innovation award, as it is an acknowledgement of our efforts toward green and sustainable operations. As we move forward, sustainability is central to our operations as we work to significantly make a difference in society. This motivates us to continue pushing forward on our quest to embrace new possibilities through sustainable solutions.

Furthermore, our products bear ISO 50001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 certifications. The growing importance on sustainability and the requirement for transparency have driven us to increase our awareness of the significance of sustainability reporting. Sustainability has grown to be essential to how we operate our company model as we develop and strive to make a good social effect. Therefore, we have invested in a robust and reliable system to certify our performance against standards.